Reaction from “Soaked in Bleach” filmmaker Benjamin Statler

Benjamin Statler

by Silvia K.

To this day, filmmaker Benjamin Statler II avoids to answer questions publically and professionally about his artistic efforts to change the narrative to Homicide. And of course he did not release uncut versions of certain expert’s interviews.

In a Facebook comment that I spotted by accident, Benjamin Statler stated the following about the interview editings:

Facebook Screenshot

Needless to say that Benjamin Statler II had the great opportunity to interview independent experts about Kurt Cobain’s death case but paints the expert opinions as invalid at the same time. If an independent expert’s opinion does not mean anything to Mr. Statler, then to open a new investigation would be pointless, wouldn’t it? 
With the help of Statler’s movie, the Conspiracy Theory has become multimorbid and sounds like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard over and over again. It won’t vanish but it will trigger discussion about suicide, mental health and addiction.

article originally published on April 5, 2019: