The Aftermath of “Soaked in Bleach” – John Fisk

John Fisk
John Fisk (Screenshot from "Soaked in Bleach")

by Silvia K.

John Fisk [Paramedic Lt.; Medical Service Officer of the Seattle Fire Department] was yet another person briefly involved in Kurt Cobain’s death case in 1994. Fisk took the emergency call during a normal shift as a first responder paramedic and went for a run to the Cobain property. He was the first person to enter the Greenhouse by breaking a glass panel on the locked French door. It was immediately evident to him and his colleques that the person found was a case of DOA (Death on Arrival; “fatality”) because there was a recognizable gunshot wound to the head with a “significant pool of blood” at the floor by Cobain’s head.
Fisk recalls his involvement with the docu-drama “Soaked in Bleach” in an interview on April 6, 2016 with the Mercer Island Reporter, who wrote that 

  • “he reiterated to the producers that he still believes the case remains a suicide”
  • “Fisk calls himself a bit of a skeptic when it comes to conspiracy theories, and says conspiracies seem to come up with any celebrity death.”
  • “In a case of an obvious suicide, which from my limited experience with a crime scene, it looked like every other suicide I’ve seen.”

Nothing of what he told about his experience with suicide cases to the reporter was mentioned in the film.

article originally published on April 5, 2019: