The Aftermath of “Soaked in Bleach” – Norman H. Stamper

Norman Stamper
Norman Stamper (Screenshot from "Soaked in Bleach")

by Silvia K.

In an E-Mail response to the author from October 13, 2016, an assistant for Norman Stamper noticed that, Mr. Stamper “doesn’t want to focus on Kurt Cobain anymore”. Maybe it is because Norman Stamper was Police Chief at the time Kurt Cobain died and was updated on the case which is backed up by the case files, involving another conspiracy theorist with the name of Richard Lee, who approached Mr. Stamper many times. It is impossible that Norman Stamper had no clue about Lee’s efforts to get the case reopened.Read and educate what went on at that time:

>>> SPD Blotter (Case Files) <<<

article originally published on April 5, 2019: