Was Forensic Toxicologist Iain McIntyre lied to?

Iain M. McIntyre
Iain M. McIntyre - Forensic Toxicologist

by Silvia K.

In an E-mail leak on Twitter April 25, 2017, Iain McIntyre responded to an inquiry of an interested person and said that he could not verify Kurt Cobain’s morphine concentration because he has got no access to the 1994 toxicology report.

Iain McIntyre was the forensic toxicologist who appeared in the docu-drama “Soaked in Bleach. The filmmaker Benjamin Statler didn’t like this response. McIntyre handled the situation most professional because he indicated that it is important to know if the morphine concentration is based on free morphine or conjugated morphine.

As well apparent in McIntyre’s email response, he was obviously led to believe by Benjamin Statler and his filmcrew that Kurt Cobain was clean before he died. The most inaccurate about the case is that Kurt Cobain was sober when he died. Friends, family and the Nirvana management staged an intervention before Kurt Cobain booked into the Exodus rehab facility because he had previously overdosed with Rohypnol and Alcohol in Rome and as well never quit taking Heroin. Of course an independent expert when introduced to a case can only rely on information given to him. Obviously as well rely on false information. But as the expert McIntyre is, he handled it most professional.

excerpt email leak/ found on Twitter