Faces of Mental Health

A short film about depression and suicide in students

It’s time to talk. Award-winning documentary short from filmmaker Arthur Cauty, which challenges stigma and encourages open conversation around mental illness and suicide in young people. Students in Bristol were offered a space to open up and share their thoughts and personal experiences of mental illness and suicide, with a view to encouraging people of all ages and backgrounds across the country and around the World to step forward and speak out.

Festivals & Screenings: Winner, Best Documentary, DMOFF, May 2019 Finalist, TMFF, April 2019 Finalist, Lift-Off Sessions, May 2019 Chapter Arts, Cardiff, May 2019 Official Selection, Dumbo Film Festival, May 2019

Directed & Produced by Arthur Cauty

Cinematography: Arthur Cauty & Jake Cauty

Editor: Arthur Cauty

Music: Monobox

Production Assistant: Elisa Ruggirello Filmed at Eyebox Studio, Bristol a DC7 Films Production

For anyone struggling with mental health and in need of support: