Eldon Hoke’s Addiction to Alcohol

King of Sleaze

Eldon Hoke aka. El Duce

Eldon Hoke is commonly known in the Conspiracy Theory world only as the guy who was asked by Courtney Love to kill Kurt Cobain for 50.000 dollars. It is not clear if it was 50 grand or even 100 grand. Ian Halperin recalls 100 grand but the 50 grand are commonly accepted without challenging the story behind.

Two months ago I watched a film project named “The Mentors – Kings of Sleaze Rockumentary” produced and directed by April Jones of Dream Evil Pictures in 2018. Executive Producer is Stephen Broy (Dr Heathen Scum of The Mentors). It was a fascinating piece from start to end with some sad parts in Hoke’s life displayed like his horrible addiction to alcohol.

Watch a snippet and don’t miss to watch the entire piece on Amazon or Amazon Prime.

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