This website’s sole purpose is to disprove the Conspiracy Theories surrounding Kurt Cobain’s alleged murder, provide sources to exit lose cannon online cults and sources to educate on Suicide Prevention, Mental Health and Addiction.

The theory is a disservice to the general public, suicide prevention, mental health- and addiction-awareness.

My name is Silvia, I am the author of, and a former believer in the conspiracy theory. I decided to do another blog on to contest all the horrible misinformation floating around on the web.

Personally, I’m not only disgusted about how Courtney Love and associates are treated but how people with a profession dedicated to society are treated as well, i.e. first responders, homicide detectives, pathologists and experts of other fields. This theory has crossed boundaries of the privacy of Cobain’s family and those associated to them and as well of those who dedicate their life for truth and justice, education and well being.

How and why I stopped believing you can read in Michael Wrigth’s article KURT COBAIN CONSPIRACY THEORIES LIVE ON IN GENERATION Z in Mel Magazine, a british journalist who I met on Twitter by accident while he did his research.

An unknown YouTuber once noted:

I couldn’t have said in any better! Don’t lose yourself in the twisted world of Kurt Cobain conspiracy theories.

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