www.justiceforkurt.com (Tom Grant supporters)

The formerly prominent website justiceforkurt.com noted on their landing page that:

“There are some strange circumstances and unanswered questions surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain. This information has been the subject of bookstelevision showsradio shows, quite a few magazine and newspaper stories, even a film. Was Cobain murdered?

This site organizes as much of the documented information, research, and media coverage as possible. It exists to either help get Kurt justice, if it turns out he was in fact murdered, or help clear his name and legacy of all these “murder theories” for good, if he wasn’t. Whatever you believe happened in April 1994, the fact is he should have never been a victim of shoddy police work, blatant cover-ups, media manipulation, and general misinformation. Justice For Kurt Cobain.”

The theory from these individuals based mainly on Tom Grant and associated books, tv shows and Nick Broomfield‘s 90s trash documentary “Kurt & Courtney”.

www.cobaincase.com (Tom Grant)

Tom Grant’s theory is described as (per September 17, 2021 website version):

“After several months of intensive investigation, including dozens of taped interviews with Cobain’s closest friends and family members, I reached the conclusion that Courtney Love and Michael Dewitt, (the male nanny who lived at the Cobain residence), were involved in a conspiracy that resulted in the murder of Kurt Cobain.

Grant claims he is in possession of hours of taped recordings although California is a two party consent state, and his wiretapping was hereby not legal.

Tom Grant Tapes / CobainCase

Richard Lee (Seattle resident & independent journalist)

Richard Lee‘s theory is almost similar to Tom Grant’s with a tiny difference. In a photo that was released during 1994, shot outside of the greenhouse and released to a local newspaper, no blood is seen on the death scene on that particular photograph (despite police having half hang the greenhouse door with a blanket). This led Richard Lee to believe, Cobain wasn’t shot at all. He contested his belief until 2018 with a very strong response from a judge. Lee is the only conspiracy theorist who contested his belief for years (also gaining a Restraining Order from Krist Novoselic) with the local courts contributing without wanting to lay the CobainCase to rest. Lee began to voice concern on the cause of death of Kurt Cobain early on in a local public access TV show called Now See It Person to Person, a homage to See It Now, the historic investigative reporting show of Edward R. Murrow. He as well tried to interview Courtney Love and Guns’n Roses’ Duff McKagan (who was with Kurt Cobain on the flight to Seattle when Cobain “fled” rehab) without success.

Hank Harrison (Courtney Love’s biological father)

Hank Harrison has various theories as to what happened to Cobain, he changes his theories oftentimes but never matches the narrative of Tom Grant. He as well said that the “Justice For Kurt” movement is bs because he doesn’t suspect the Seattle Police Department or the City of Seattle i.e. to “snitch on themselves”. He likes the theory more to speak about himself and rather supports Courtney than despises her.

Although Hank Harrison is out of her daughter’s life for so long now, he claims to have massive inside knowledge. One can only assume these are all made up lies. Harrison’s bitterness may stem from the custody battle with Courtney’s mother Linda Carroll who also accused Harrison of date rape and poisoning her daughter with LSD when she was a toddler. A personal account of the rape Linda had to go through can be read in her memoir “Her Mother’s Daughter: A Memoir of the Mother I Never Knew and of My Daughter, Courtney Love“.

Anti Courtney Love blog written by former fans

The exposingcourtneylove.tumblr blog has a very extraordinary version of the truth. Although they claim they despise Tom Grant there’s quite the obvious online. Their own theory rather supports Grant. On one site it says:

It also proves, that once again, that the conspiracy was a huge PR stunt. Most likeelllyyyy formed by PMK agency or whoever was just as big at the time in the 90s. My vote’s off to it being PMK initially (not sure if that’s her agency now) because they decided to go public with Pat Kingsley being her publicist by 96. However, make no mistake. Pat wasn’t responsible for ‘making’ Courtney into anything, implying she was ever ‘grunge’ ever (I’m saying this for lurkers). Courtney and her family etc, always planned on her giving up the grunge trend to cross over into bigger genres.

What I’m saying is that since they were already using their connections (all the photoshoots in the 80s, her big opportunities before Hole was made [Sid & Nancy // THE FACT THAT MAJOR PHOTOGS SHOT ALL HER 90S EDITORIALS AS A SMALL BAND, etc), that they MOST LIKELY already hired Pat and her firm to construct this for her. And so I SUSPECT that it was PMK who came up with the conspiracy. We’re never going to know the specifics of it, like I’ve said before, but the ‘conspiracy’ is a huge PR campaign stretched across decades. It’s basically just one really long commercial that never really ‘ends’ but just evolves and pops up in different generations. 

From the jump in 95, Tom Grant had the attention of ALL of these major publications. Courtney’s PR was strongest that year and everything that’s generally said about her from bystanders can be attributed to that era. Anyway, the way PR works is that the firm will hook in their client to all of the major publications they have on their roster. My point is is that like..some random person can’t just ‘go’ to the press and just holler anything. You need someone representing you and you need the clout for them to even take you seriously. Like who the fuck are you? -kinda thing lol. It’s also why that shit about that conspiracy theorist, Richard Lee, is also bullshit too. Like do you KNOW how many weirdos there are who assume they have connections with celebs? I’m literally like about to cover this but like, Capitalism makes it where getting in contact with any of these major outlets is difficult and its all sealed off. 

An average, random person can not get press without money and influence. Meaning that all of these people – Richard Lee, Tom Grant, El Duce (he lied and Broomfield and his crew and Courtney and her team etc knew that) ) can’t get attention on their own. That’s not the way shit works. And KURT didn’t know that either. 

So like basically, PMK figured out this neat little project where they had Tom and Courtney come up with all this audio and they set it up where it looked very DIY. If you visit cobaincase on waybackmachine and go alllll the way back to like 96/97, you see what I mean. Not to mention that the internet was very new back then so no one’s going to think that it’s a PR stunt anyway. Moving on, from the jump Tom was able to get spots on major television outlets, radio, and had spots in big publications all over the place. You..need..representation for that. That means that you need an agency who has a relationship with their editors and producers to GIVE that to you. Also who the fuck is going to listen to you even if you HAVE that? So you need money AND you need some type of backing from somebody to make sure that publication/outlet gets views/hits. 

It’s why all those tabloids about Bill Clinton and Princess Diana having alien probes in their heads in the 90s were restricted to trash-rack grocery store tabloids and never made headline news. If the conspiracy were real and Tom Grant like actually was trying to document his investigation of her and all these random fucking people were legitimate, it’d only be restricted to very small outlets that you’d barely be able to find anywhere. Not to mention, that bigger publications that interviewed her/defended her, etc, wouldn’t like even NEED to reference/name Tom Grant, period, bc they’d see him as some kinda hack. Opposed to a ‘neat sideshow that’s harassing her’ and giving him credit.

EDIT: Like I said, go back to any of her older interviews (if you waybackmachine her old fan-archive here [x]) [[note- it’s stripped html so just click on the things that sound old] and even look at the old Howard Stern interviews (97/98 in particular), the conspiracy got the ROYAL TREATMENT with press. Every-single-publication that she was in or even mentioned her was covering it. Especially with the release of the PR film that created a calculated media frenzy because ‘oh my god its so awful that people dedicated a FILM to how much they hate her!!1111′ [x]. And in addition to the faux ‘hate’ from the press/world at large that they invented with take sub-tabloids, all of this is just..very obvious if you piece it together. Publicists and PR firms SPECIALIZE in crisis management.

**If people were ACTUALLY coming at her and somehow organically gaining momentum and coverage, then Courtney would have the means to completely silence everything. All you need to do is hit people with cease and desists and a lawyer and you could even ARREST them and frighten them out of their industries if you wanted to if you’re rich. You have the means to do so. But instead? You get illusions of it with vague, but ongoing, mentions of a ‘fight’ between her and Tom Grant, her and Nick Broomfield, or whoever else. The SIB producers, etc. Like I said in my Kurt&CourtneyFilm debunk link above, those ‘warnings’ from Courtney back in 2016 or whenever that was, went away. Similar to the blaring headline that Lutfi had kidnapped Isaiah last summer. We get hit with these big, dramatic conspiracy-esque headlines, and then they completely just dissipate. Then are brought out of the freezer again years later. That’s their cycle. 

**So said crises were basically their headliner PR. That should already tell you. The conspiracy has always meant to be a talking point to make her interesting. That’s another reason why it’s fake. But you gotta, as always, take the whole thing a part. 

And again, an average person does NOT have that sort of power over the media. People BUY the media, lmao. Again, this was also something Kurt didn’t know and no one told him either, and they banked on that. Kurt didn’t know that you could stage interviews or that the media is basically your bitch. No one told him that at all. But they knew, and they didn’t care. They don’t need to ‘kill’ him to make that sort of money. We live in the real world where big scandalous accusations like that are carefully fabricated for your entertainment by glitzy little firms. This isn’t a Scarface film. 

So if you like, look at it from a showbiz perspective, this is all very obvious. They’re just taking an old thing out the freezer because they are literally DONE. It’s also how we were able to deconstruct the conspiracy back in 2016 based on their Lutfi ‘kidnap story’ that never went anywhere and then Tom Grant just so happening to release ‘exclusive tapes’ about the whole thing at the same time. The whole thing is WASHED and FAKE and anyone that like tries to wail in and say its real like…doesn’t understand marketing in their ignorance. 

It was also made, like you said, in order to gaslight her fans into thinking she needs to be protected again.

The 90s were pretty trashy and reality TV was evolved to a point where people punched each other on TV. If you are going this far in saying it was all PR then you have to also claim, that Michael Jackson made the PR claim that he was a pedophile. The same journalists who wanted to nail Courtney for a homicide were the ones who tried to pin MJ as a sexually depraved (f.e. Diane Dimond who had El Duce polygraphed for their trashy “Hard Copy” TV format; Tom Grant goes into detail in his “case manual”; she was even sued by Jackson and it cost her and company 2,7 million $ because MJ won the slander lawsuit) as well.

Michael Jackson “Stop Filthy Press”

It is commonly known, yellow press takes lawsuits (and the money it costs) into account even before they publish their lies. They lie as soon as they open their mouths / publish an article / send a TV show, they have money if someone decides to sue for defamation or libel. So their theory is pretty weak, however somewhat different to Tom Grant’s or the other narratives. That’s why I mention this here as well. It doesn’t come from Nirvana fans. They are former Hole fans who somehow got stuck in their fandom because Courtney Love must’ve hurt their feelings. This happens from time to time and former fans can get really vicious. I do not wish anybody to come in the crossfire of those fans. They would write a tell all book against you, just like Jessica La Brie did, a fan who was fired from Courtney Love, when Sam Lutfi installed himself into her life and took all over her social media, and supported her daughter’s drug habit. These fans use Love’s drug addiction or mental struggles against her and invalidate the decisions Kurt Cobain made throughout his life as an adult and portray him as a child. Mental illness and suicide are heavily stigmatized throughout the blog. Everyone Kurt Cobain was involved with, in their opinion, contributed to his demise.

Kurt Cobain’s last words in his suicide note

However over time, same theories popped up when Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington died. Their wives were suddenly suspects in a homicide. Who wants to make PR for being the main suspect in an orchestrated homicide? Nobody. It is pretty derogatory to even assume that. The blog claims to have massive evidence for abusive behaviour of Courtney Love, Nirvana members and the management yet at the same time displays the same behaviour in making this ridiculous theory up. But as Tom Grant would say, opinion is protected by the First Amandment even if it matches the hallmarks of libel. One would assume CL still has hired this mysterious PR firm, because as you know the theories won’t die:

Courtney Love facebook post

Various other theories

Over time, there’s other theories that were spread through various individuals but most of these theories are based on Tom Grant’s narrative.